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2016 L Byrnes Photoshoot [UHQ]

We added a new 2 high quality portrait photos of Jane taken by L Byrnes during the Don’t Breathe promotion tour, Byrnes also photographed her recently for Just Jared. Jane looks absolutely wonderfu (:


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Just Jared Exclusive Interview & Shoot!

Jane Levy can be seen in theaters this weekend in the horror film Don’t Breathe, but first you can check out her JJ Portrait Session and interview! The 26-year-old actress is re-teaming with her Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez for the new flick, which has been receiving some stellar reviews and currently holds a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Other projects that you might recognize Jane from include her ABC comedy series Suburgatory and the movie Fun Size. She will soon be seen in Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival series.

Just because Jane is becoming a horror movie vet doesn’t mean she is safe from scares in real life, especially when she has to sleep at home alone. “I’m always convinced someone is lurking in my bushes. And when I’m afraid in real life I become paralyzed… and breathless,” she said.

Jane Levy Interview – Exclusive:

Just Jared: What drew you to do Don’t Breathe?

Jane Levy: I was proud of the work that Fede and I did together on Evil Dead and I wanted to see what else we could do!

JJ: What was the most memorable scene to film?

JL: So many to choose from. Probably the most fun scene for me to shoot was when I’m falling headfirst down the air shaft. I was strung up by my feet and held a black magic camera in my hands pointed at my face and they would drop me about 7 feet. I only wish it were a larger drop! But I guess they couldn’t afford to risk dropping their actress on her noggin.

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Don’t Breathe Special Screening + After Party + New Stills

Jane attended Screen Gems’ Don’t Breathe Los Angeles Special Screening on August 14, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. She looked absolutely stunning! We also added photos from the after party and a brand new high quality production still! Check out the Gallery! Enjoy (:

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Appearances > 2016 > AUGUST 14TH – Don’t Breathe Los Angeles Special Screening – After Party
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Nicholas & Hillary [HD Screencaps]

We added hd screencaptures from the narrative short entitled Nicholas & Hillary, where Jane portrays Nicholas Negroponte. She does an amazing job, you can check out the short here. Synopsis below:

Nicholas & Hillary (08:40 mins) is a short experimental narrative shot within a 360 degree tracking shot, at Artists’ Space Books and Talks in NYC. The piece portrays neoliberal superpowers Nicholas Negroponte and Hillary Clinton- performed by TV and Film actor Jane Levy and NYC choreographer Mariana Valencia. Through gender and race bending performances the characters elaborate on the early development of the internet, their private lives, and anti-cartesian philosophy.

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