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Nicholas & Hillary [HD Screencaps]

We added hd screencaptures from the narrative short entitled Nicholas & Hillary, where Jane portrays Nicholas Negroponte. She does an amazing job, you can check out the short here. Synopsis below:

Nicholas & Hillary (08:40 mins) is a short experimental narrative shot within a 360 degree tracking shot, at Artists’ Space Books and Talks in NYC. The piece portrays neoliberal superpowers Nicholas Negroponte and Hillary Clinton- performed by TV and Film actor Jane Levy and NYC choreographer Mariana Valencia. Through gender and race bending performances the characters elaborate on the early development of the internet, their private lives, and anti-cartesian philosophy.

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Movies > 2016 Nicholas & Hillary > Production Stills
Movies > 2016 Nicholas & Hillary > HD Screencaptures

Don’t Breathe [New Stills, BTS & Posters]

We added more high quality production stills and new behind the scenes photos and posters from Jane’s upcoming movie Don’t Breathe to be released on August 26, 2016. Check it out! Synopsis below:

Rocky, a young woman wanting to start a better life for her and her sister, agrees to take part in the robbery of a house owned by a wealthy blind man with her boyfriend Money and their friend Alex. But when the blind man turns out to be a serial killer, the group must find a way to escape his home before they become his newest victims.

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Monster Trucks: Trailer Premiere!

We added HD screencaps from the newly released trailer of Jane’s upcoming movie Monster Trucks that will hit theaters next year. Click the link below to watch the first trailer!

Looking for any way to get away from the life and town he was born into, Tripp, a high school senior, builds a Monster Truck from bits and pieces of scrapped cars. After an accident at a nearby oil-drilling site displaces a strange and subterranean creature with a taste and a talent for speed, Tripp may have just found the key to getting out of town and a most unlikely friend.

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Movies > 2017 Monster Truks > Trailer Caps [UK Version]

Don’t Breathe Trailers [Us + International]

We added HD screencaps from the newly released trailer of Jane’s upcoming movie Don’t Breathe that will hit theaters on August 26, 2016. Click the links below to watch both trailers!

Three teens who get away with perfectly planned home robberies have set their sights on one last payout that will get them out of crime forever. Their target: a reclusive blind man with millions of dollars in hiding. But as soon as they break into his home, the tables are turned and they find themselves trapped and fighting for survival against a psychopath with secrets of his own.

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Movies > 2016 Don’t Breathe > Trailer Caps [US Version]
Movies > 2016 Don’t Breathe > Trailer Caps [International Version]
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