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Gallery Update [Sundance + MT Poster & Still + Shoot]

Updated the Gallery with new photos of Jane attending the I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore at 2017 Sundance Film Festival on January 17, 2017 in Park City, Utah. We also added a high quality poster and a new still from Monster Trucks. Lastly we added 1 new outtake from the L Byrnes photoshoot Jane did last year and screencaptures from Jane’s appearance on KTLA Morning Show to talk about Monster Trucks on January 13, 2017. You can watch the interview here.

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Just Jared Exclusive Interview & Shoot!

Jane Levy can be seen in theaters this weekend in the horror film Don’t Breathe, but first you can check out her JJ Portrait Session and interview! The 26-year-old actress is re-teaming with her Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez for the new flick, which has been receiving some stellar reviews and currently holds a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Other projects that you might recognize Jane from include her ABC comedy series Suburgatory and the movie Fun Size. She will soon be seen in Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival series.

Just because Jane is becoming a horror movie vet doesn’t mean she is safe from scares in real life, especially when she has to sleep at home alone. “I’m always convinced someone is lurking in my bushes. And when I’m afraid in real life I become paralyzed… and breathless,” she said.

Jane Levy Interview – Exclusive:

Just Jared: What drew you to do Don’t Breathe?

Jane Levy: I was proud of the work that Fede and I did together on Evil Dead and I wanted to see what else we could do!

JJ: What was the most memorable scene to film?

JL: So many to choose from. Probably the most fun scene for me to shoot was when I’m falling headfirst down the air shaft. I was strung up by my feet and held a black magic camera in my hands pointed at my face and they would drop me about 7 feet. I only wish it were a larger drop! But I guess they couldn’t afford to risk dropping their actress on her noggin.

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Jane in Bullett Magazine!

Jane is featured in the April 2013 Issue of Bullett Magazine out now! The magazine features a super cool new shoot. Jane looks wonderful! Read the article below and check out the photos we added in the Gallery!

Hell, we’ve been told, is relative. For Tessa, Jane Levy’s character on the ABC sitcom Suburgatory, it’s Chatswin, the affluent small town her father forces the New York teen to relocate to in the hope of giving her a better life. For Levy herself, hell was filming Evil Dead, Fede Alvarez’s shockingly gory remake of the ’80s horror touchstone, in which she plays Mia, an addict who retreats to a secluded cabin to kick her heroin habit only to become possessed by a pissed-off spirit. That nightmare had the 23-year-old actor shooting for a staggering 70 days in New Zealand, where a 3:45 a.m. reveille was followed by a six-hour session of hair and “demon makeup.” She was choked, buried alive by her castmates, forced to projectile vomit into their faces, and made to run around the woods in the middle of winter while being showered with “blood rain,” a tempera paint concoction that ultimately caused an ear infection.

“One day l was lying in the mud, doing take after take, and someone from wardrobe came up to me and said, ‘Jane, your underwear isn’t dirty enough. Here’s another pair’—which they had dunked in the swamp,” Levy says with a shrug. “It’s a good party story and I’m proud of the hard work I put in. But I don’t ever want to make a horror film again.”

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Jane talks Evil Dead!

While I won’t go into full detail here, you should know that Jane Levy does some horrible, horrible things in the upcoming Evil Dead. If you’ve read my review of the film from South by Southwest or at least heard the buzz about it from its premiere, you know that the film is absolutely insane, hellish, gory fun, and the secret to it all is the Suburgatory star. And despite Bruce Campbell’s insistence that Evil Dead movies are extremely hard to make, that didn’t stop Levy from having fun. The day after the Evil Dead screening at SXSW I had the pleasure of quickly chatting with the actress about her starring role. Read on below to learn about Levy’s great time playing a demonic psycho, how she decided to differentiate her character, Mia, from her role on her ABC sitcom, and why director Fede Alvarez says that nobody can take punishment quite like her.

SPOILER WARNING: Evil Dead is most definitely a movie that you have to see in order to get the full effect, however, if you’d prefer to go in knowing as little about the movie as possible know that there is some spoiler content in the interview below. The section is clearly marked, so feel free to read on, but scroll carefully!

It’s always great to meet a fellow red head…
I’m a phony. But I’m strawberry blond.

Kind of on that note, did you have input into the look of your character and just actually, in general, how much did you get to collaborate on this character?
Yeah, I really wanted not to have red hair.

Well, I just wanted to do something very far from what I spend most of the year doing, working on ABC’s Suburgatory. And I play the quirky 16-year-old red-headed quip master. And it’s a new project and totally different horror film, so I wanted to look different and I asked them to dye my hair dark and I asked them to make it longer and it was sort of a fight – that I won.

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