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Jane in Glamour April 2012

Jane is featured in the April 2012 Issue of Glamour Magazine. We added a photo from the gorgeous photoshoot! She looks beautiful so take a look! Can’t wait for more photos to be released, this is one of our favorite shoots ever! Read a snipet from the interview below:

The Sitcom Princess
Jane Levy, 22, stars in ABC’s smart new hit Suburgatory.

Her Favorite Bag
“My mom was one of the original designers for Coach in the eighties, and she designed some classics, including the City Bag. It’s the only bag I use!”

What She’s Doing This Weekend
“Something that has to do with really good food, like a great dinner party. I love to eat.”

Her Next Vacation
“I’m reading a book right now that takes place in Georgia, and I really want to be a Southern girl. Mostly I want to try moonshine!”

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Ap Interview (Caps)

We added 370+ screencaptures of Jane’s interview with Associated Press on Novembre 1, 2011. You can watch the video below and check out the caps in the Gallery! Jane looked just gorgeous! Don’t miss all new Suburgatory tonight on ABC!

Watch: Here

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! (HD Caps + Video)

We added 800+ high definition screencaptures of Jane’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night on October 5, 2011. She talked about her childhood, her parents and she even did a hyphy move that was absolutely hilarious! You can watch the videos below and check out the caps in the Gallery! Jane looked gorgeous!

Watch: Part 1 & Part 2

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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Suburgatory Will Not Offend Suburbanites

It’s an understandable New York City teen’s fear. Her dad moves her from the bustling city to a world of eternally youthful mothers, huge SUVs, trimmed lawns, and gossiping neighbors. That’s the set up for ABC’s new comedy series, Suburgatory, which premieres Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. Jane Levy (who played Mandy on Showtime’s Shameless) stars as 16-year-old Tessa, a city girl whose fear becomes realized when her single father (George, played by Jeremy Sisto) decides to move her to the suburbs for a “better life.”

Levy, a product of Northern Calif. suburbs herself, says she doesn’t think suburban dwellers will take offense at the show’s take on the lifestyle.

“I think people are going to say, ‘Oh, that’s my neighbor.’ They’re not going to admit it’s them, because they’d never be able to,” Levy, 21, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m from the suburbs and where I’m from didn’t necessarily have people like you see in Suburgatory, but along those lines and I think people will laugh at themselves. And it’s lighthearted.“

Levy recently gave THR a preview of what to expect from her character and the new ABC series. Read below!

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