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Evil Dead (Production Stills)

We added new production stills and a behind the scenes pic of Jane’s upcoming movie “Evil Dead” that will hit the theaters April 5, 2013. Check them out!

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Jane talks Evil Dead!

While I won’t go into full detail here, you should know that Jane Levy does some horrible, horrible things in the upcoming Evil Dead. If you’ve read my review of the film from South by Southwest or at least heard the buzz about it from its premiere, you know that the film is absolutely insane, hellish, gory fun, and the secret to it all is the Suburgatory star. And despite Bruce Campbell’s insistence that Evil Dead movies are extremely hard to make, that didn’t stop Levy from having fun. The day after the Evil Dead screening at SXSW I had the pleasure of quickly chatting with the actress about her starring role. Read on below to learn about Levy’s great time playing a demonic psycho, how she decided to differentiate her character, Mia, from her role on her ABC sitcom, and why director Fede Alvarez says that nobody can take punishment quite like her.

SPOILER WARNING: Evil Dead is most definitely a movie that you have to see in order to get the full effect, however, if you’d prefer to go in knowing as little about the movie as possible know that there is some spoiler content in the interview below. The section is clearly marked, so feel free to read on, but scroll carefully!

It’s always great to meet a fellow red head…
I’m a phony. But I’m strawberry blond.

Kind of on that note, did you have input into the look of your character and just actually, in general, how much did you get to collaborate on this character?
Yeah, I really wanted not to have red hair.

Well, I just wanted to do something very far from what I spend most of the year doing, working on ABC’s Suburgatory. And I play the quirky 16-year-old red-headed quip master. And it’s a new project and totally different horror film, so I wanted to look different and I asked them to dye my hair dark and I asked them to make it longer and it was sort of a fight – that I won.

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Jane Joins ‘In A Dark Place’

Jane Levy is set to top-line Gold Circle’s In a Dark Place, a horror thriller that is being directed by Bharat Nalluri. Roy Lee and Jim Wedaa are producing. Sounds exciting! Congrats Jane!

“The thriller centers on a young American woman who moves to England to become a governess of a porcelain doll, which the family treats as its own son. When the family leaves for a holiday, the woman begins to think the doll is haunted and may be alive.”

A May production is being eyed. The film will be fully financed by Gold Circle, and company president Paul Brooks will produce. On top of starring in Suburgatory, Levy is making her horror-movie debut as the female lead in the upcoming remake of Evil Dead, which opens April 5. She is repped by WME and Sloane Offer.

Jane Talks Challenges of the Remake

We toured the New Zealand set and spoke with actress Jane Levy, who undergoes a terrifying transformation in the movie! While on set, we had a chance to observe director Fede Alvarez and the cast and crew conducting movie making magic. We caught a scene where a cast member (we won’t divulge who due to spoilers) has become possessed by evil and he beckons to a fellow cast member. We saw that scene shot over and over again until Fede had gotten it from every angle and was satisfied with the dialogue. It’s clear, from watching him work, that Alvarez is a perfectionist and is concerned with making the absolute best film possible. In Evil Dead, Levy plays Mia, a young woman trying to kick an addiction. Her friends bring her out to a cabin in the woods to help out and only wind up unleashing evil instead.

Jane Levy (On the coolest things she’s done): The coolest thing I’ve ever done in my career so far is this one thing where Aaron [Morton, cinematographer] was on a zip line in the forest and I’m hands down in the mud and the camera is flying towards me and I have to outrun the camera. It was so fucking cool. And then I watched a little bit of the playback and it looks awesome.

Levy (On the on set conditions): In a way it’s like, I wouldn’t call it a good thing, but sometimes I don’t really have to act. I’m actually freezing cold, and I’m so tired that I’m crying, because I’m so cold and I want to go home. Really, just like my character, so you know, it makes the job easier sometimes, a little bit more real.

Levy (On the demanding nature of the role): But this is also like, an extremely physical job, and just like what Fede was saying, we’re doing everything that you see. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to give away, but at one point I vomit all over somebody. A lot of vomit. Like, a shit-ton of fluid. I had a tube practically down my throat, and I’m on top of this girl and vomiting all over her. When you actually do something like that – I don’t think I can actually describe the sensation – but I actually went to the corner and cried. I’m really sensitive. But I felt like I was really drowning my friend Jessica, it felt so bad. I was shaking.

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