Meet the Cast

George Altman
Played by Jeremy Sisto

Bio:George Altmanhas been a single father to fifteen-year-old Tessa for about as long as he’s been a father. But while his wife’s postpartum departure might have blown other men to bits, George picked up the pieces and ran with them. He’s not a perfect dad, but what he lacks in a general knowledge of the teenaged girl’s psyche, he makes up for with a genuine desire to understand his daughter and help her navigate her adolescent years. His ability to sympathize coupled with his metropolitan take on the world has made him an in demand friend and a bit of a hot commodity to the ladies of Chatswin. George works as a moderately successful architect in New York City and the surrounding areas

Tessa Altman
Played byJane Levy

Bio: Tessa Altman grew up in the melting pot of New York City, absorbing all the life lessons to be gleaned from its tired, huddled masses and countless one-man shows, channeling them into a wry, wiser-than-her-fifteen-years take on the world. She is considerably hip, a trait that comes effortlessly given her genuine interest in Fellini movies and good indie rock music. The city is absolutely everything to her, and woe betide any parish, hamlet, or crossroads that claims superiority.
Dallas Royce
Played byCheryl Hines

Bio: It’s possible Dallas Royce has never seen the inside of a diner, flown with a layover, or spoken to a mechanic. But while she might take this for granted, she never lets it go to her head. She cares deeply about her fellow man, as evidenced by her membership in the Neighborhood Association, PTA, and Chatswin Country Club in addition to her charities: Airbeds for the Homeless, Airbeds for the Elderly, and the Altmans. She is always impeccably dressed in the hippest haute couture and looking to help others hone their fashion sense in kind.
Dalia Royce
Played byCarly Chaikin

Bio: Dalia Royce has lived in the lap of luxury her entire life and it couldn’t be clearer. Her clothes, her car (which she doesn’t yet have a license to drive), her choice of friends – they all scream money. And, coupled with her inability to look at a hobo or pronounce discount, they also scream bitch. She’s Malibu Barbie, but with more mascara and less emotion. She would prefer not to mix company with those who spend less than $2000 when they shop. If she must, though, she would prefer they didn’t address her directly.

Lisa Shay
Played byAllie Grant

Bio: Lisa Shay is the kind of person who deserves to be happy in life but probably never will be. At least not while she’s in high school… or college… or her twenties. So she spends her days doing all she can to fly under the radar, lest the people she encounters – her mother, Dalia, the postman – compound the pain. And who can blame her? Her parents shower all their love and devotion on her brother Ryan; Chatswin High glitterati respect only the Nordic and faux-Nordic; and the postman has a chip on his shoulder because he was supposed to be a doctor. Best to let these years slip by and come out of her shell after 2030 or a nuclear winter, whichever comes last.

Mr. Wolfe
Played byRex Lee

Bio: Mr. Wolfe never planned on being Chatswin High’s Guidance Counselor, but when life gives you lemons, you accept the state of our economy and take whatever job you can. However, he’s fully embraced his position between the hours of 12:00 and 12:45. Despite his apathy, Mr. Wolfe has a good heart. He’s genuinely disappointed when he can’t help a student be their best, because of the end of year reviews with the school board.
Noah Werner
Played by Alan Tudyk
Bio: is the suburban bon vivant. No one else comes close. After all his hard work putting himself through dental school, he decided he’d earned the right to let loose, and there is no better playground than Chatswin. He loves and frequents every square inch of the place, from the tanning salons to the hair salons to whatever other in-vogue salon might pop up. If Noah’s not in suburbia, he’s nowhere near home.