Tessa and George are thrilled that they can finally have their dream Halloween in the suburbs. Instead of just a little door to decorate with ghoulish gear, they have a whole entire front lawn. Little do they know that the only thing worse than Halloween in the city is Halloween in Chatswin. Sadly, the Neighborhood Association has a ban against home Halloween decorations. That means no cackling witch music blaring from the windows, no cobwebs dangling from the porch and certainly no bloody guillotines on the front lawn. What a nightmare.

Since the house can’t be perfect, Tessa needs her costume to be. The best part is that she doesn’t need to look any further than her own closet to find it. The girl who previously lived in Tessa’s house left behind bumpits and hairpins in a box marked “Misty.” When Tessa goes to school wearing Misty’s accessories and a velour tracksuit, the entire school gives Tessa the evil eye. Turns out she’s the spitting image of Misty – the dead girl. You read that right. Apparently Misty died and no one really knows how. So, that means Tessa is living in a dead girl’s room. Sweet dreams, Tessa. Sweet dreams…

Lisa exposes the only grim details she knows about Misty’s life. Misty was Lisa’s best friend before she got laser eye surgery and became hot. She then joined the KKK and co. (Wait, there was a non-blonde group member?!) and Lisa was never the same. Now Lisa is all freaked out that the ghost of Misty is taking over Tessa. After all, Tessa lives in Misty’s room, she’s wearing Misty’s things, and she even tried to open Misty’s locker by accident. When Lisa catches Tessa talking with the popular girls, she’s left with no choice. There needs to be an intervention.

Later that night at Tessa’s house, Lisa and Malik light a bunch of candles. No, they aren’t getting romantic – they’re just prepping for Tessa’s exorcism. Well, the ghost of Misty has to leave Tessa somehow. Only a couple minutes into the Latin chanting, they hear Misty’s voice yelling, “Let her in!” It’s not dead Misty though, it’s the alive Misty who needs to be let inside before she freezes to real death. She’s only wearing a tiny ironic angel costume in New York at the end of October. It turns out she never actually died, she just went to school in New Jersey (as close to death as can be). Misty comes in, prances around her old bedroom, steals Tessa’s nail polish, and the night carries on with one less dead girl in the world.

Meanwhile, George refuses to allow the Neighborhood Association to ruin his Halloween. He’s forced to take it up with the head of the NA, better known as Dallas Royce. We learn that she hates being scared so she doesn’t want to bend the rules for George. To prove to her that being scared can be fun, he brings over a classic scary movie to her house. By the end of the movie her veins are pumping with the thrill of the scare. She loves it. Oh, and then Dallas’s husband unexpectedly comes home and beats George up thinking he’s an intruder. And to welcome her hubby back home, Dallas allows him to kiss her forehead in the most uncomfortable scene of the century. Something tells us they haven’t been intimate in many, many years.

At the end of the day, George gets his way and he and Tessa can hand out candy from the creepiest lawn on the block. Sometimes dreams do come true… even in the suburbs.