Sweet Sixteen

Tessa’s sweet sixteen is around the corner and she knows exactly how she wants to spend it: with her two best friends, an extra large pizza and an extra cheesy movie. Just when Tessa thinks she has it all figured out, Dallas proposes an unexpected idea. If Tessa allows Dalia to plan a big birthday party then Dallas will get Tessa’s favorite band to play there (Dallas’s husband’s colleague just happens to own the band’s record label). Tessa wants to see Average Shelf Life so badly that she’ll even put up with Dalia’s crappy party ideas to make it happen.

Meanwhile, George is scared that he’s getting undeniably older (after all, his grey chest hairs are growing like weeds). His suspicions are unfortunately confirmed when he bends over to pick up the newspaper and throws out his back. Luckily, Sheila Shay is always there to lend a helping hand. She takes care of George’s every need and attempts to nurse him back to health. Sadly, according to strict nurse Sheila, George won’t be well enough to attend Tessa’s sweet sixteen. Sheila’s diagnosis leaves George with no other option – he has to sneak out of there without Sheila knowing.

On the night of her birthday Tessa dresses up in a sparkly dress, leaves her broken old dad at home and goes to her extravagant birthday party at the country club. Unbeknownst to Tessa, Dalia has sent Malik and Lisa home because overcrowding the party tent would be a “fire hazard.” Halfway through the night, Tessa doesn’t care that her favorite band is there or that there’s even an awesome firebreather – she just wants to be with her friends. As she’s leaving her own party George rolls up with Dallas, his accomplice in fleeing Sheila’s hospital. Too bad his escape efforts were pointless because Tessa drags him right back home to eat pizza with her best friends.

All in all it was a sweet night. Tessa saw her favorite band play and she got to hang out with her best friends. What more could a 16-year-old girl want?