The Nutcracker

It’s Christmas time in Chatswin and everyone is feeling extraordinarily merry except for Tessa and George. Tessa is still mad that George has a girlfriend in NY, so George is forced to dump his girlfriend over a long and emotional video chat to make Tessa happy. He tells his girlfriend, Zoe, that he can’t sneak off to NY to date a city girl if the whole thing upsets Tessa. It makes him feel like a bad father. Aww.

When Tessa eavesdrops on this new development, it starts to eat away at her. She feels guilty that she’s holding her dad back from true happiness. So, Tessa decides to buy him the best Christmas present of all time to make up for it. There’s just one problem: she doesn’t know what it is yet.

While Tessa is furiously thinking up gifts, George is just trying to make it through the day. He even takes a wreath making class to take his mind off Zoe. Luckily for George, it just so happens that the girl who teaches the class is cute, nice and single. He takes the plunge and invites her over to a Christmas party he’s throwing at the house. Naturally Tessa is not aware that George has a new crush so, thinking she’s the best daughter in the world, she invites Zoe to the Christmas party. She tells Zoe that her dad really misses her so Zoe agrees to come. Good job, Tessa?

Before we know it, the Christmas party is here and Zoe is standing on George’s front steps. George is absolutely shocked… but not in a good way. He confides to Tessa that he really just doesn’t like Zoe. She was annoying and he pretty much just used Tessa as an excuse to dump her. Now who’s the bad dad, George?!

Anyway, now George has two single women in the house who both think they are there for him. Now we’re all on the edge of our seats! What’s going to happen next? George has no other choice but to call for back up. Noah says he will break the bad news to Zoe and get her out of there so George can pursue Amy again. The plan goes smoothly, but then another unexpected obstacle gets in the way of George and Amy’s romantic night together.

Dallas stops by the party and the next thing we know (and you better sit down for this), Dallas kisses George underneath the mistletoe! We’re talking a serious on-the-mouth smooch. It’s pretty great, but then Amy catches George kissing Dallas so she’s out of there for good.

Christmas certainly took a few interesting turns this year in Chatswin. George didn’t really get the girl and Tessa gave the worst Christmas present ever, but at the end of the day they still have each other. Here’s to hoping that the new year will bring even bigger and better surprises!