The Body

Although Tessa hasn’t failed a class in her whole life, she learns there is a first time for everything. Turns it out she doesn’t have what it takes to pass gym class. So, when the Student Body President steps down due to “unexpected fatness” and Kenzie and Kaitlin propose doubling gym time in their election campaign, Tessa steps in. She, too, is going to run for the position and she will not sacrifice actual education for physical education.

Meanwhile, Ryan Shay loses his first wrestling match and tears his ACL, which puts the population of Chatswin into a period of mourning. In fact, it throws all of Chatswin into total chaos. Even Lisa’s parents are paying attention to her now that Ryan is a failure. As you can imagine, that’s never happened before and it gives Lisa a sense of purpose. While Lisa eats two desserts for dinner, Ryan is upstairs crying in his wheelchair. His life is just so hard now.

He decides he will go to the only house on the block where he will find some compassion: The Altman house. George gets him thinking about his self-identity, which shouldn’t involve his talent for sports or his awesome hair. No, George is looking for something deeper in Ryan. Just when we think Ryan might be learning something of value, he has opens his dumb mouth. The lesson he’s learned? Don’t turn into someone like George, a lonely man who plays crappy old songs on the guitar. Despite his torn ACL, Ryan jumps out of his wheelchair and walks off the pain — like a real man.

At the end of the day, Tessa decides she does not want to run for Student Body President. She strikes an agreement with the Thin Twins so that if she drops out of the race Lisa will get to be their campaign manager. They agree and Lisa gets her first “victory dinner” courtesy of her parents.

Lesson of the day: Being the best doesn’t matter as long as you are true to yourself. Except if you live in the Shay household — then you might want to try just being the best.