Fire With Fire

Noah has a problem: He doesn’t know how to fix the shower head. It’s been broken forever and, despite his wife’s nagging, he just doesn’t feel like learning how to fix it. He ignores the problem until the shower head comes loose and hits Jill so hard n the face that she’s sent to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dallas is living the life as a newly single lady and she has a new boyfriend that George can’t stand. He can’t speak proper English, he’s way too young for Dallas, and he has a silly fashion sense. Despite George’s opinions, Dallas radiates happiness. It’s so contagious that Jill decides she wants that life, too. She packs her things and tells Noah she’s leaving him.

Noah is devastated. After using jealousy tactics recommended by a little boy, Noah gives up. He doesn’t think he will ever win her back. Then, George convinces him that he shouldn’t let the love of his life slip away so easily. Noah takes his words to heart and gets a horse from somewhere in the middle of the night and rides to Dallas’s house, where Jill is staying. From the front lawn, he calls to her on his white horse. After some words of encouragement from Dallas, Jill rides off into the night with her prince charming… until he falls off the horse and winds up in an ambulance. Don’t worry, he’s fine.

Back in the world of high school, Dalia is still bitter that Tessa stole Scott Strauss. To get back at her, Dalia welcomes Lisa into the KKK. We wouldn’t think Lisa would take the bait, but she’s tired of being unpopular. The whole thing makes Tessa sick. Luckily, she has a trick up her sleeve. She invites Kimantha over to make a deal. Tessa and Kimantha decide to hang out in order to make both Lisa and Dallas jealous. At the school dance, an event the Situation DJs, the jealousy plan works. Lisa can’t stand watching Kimantha and Malik perform a dance routine that she had rehearsed with him before she joined the KKK. She comes to her senses and returns to her old BFFs.

Oh, and Tessa catches Malik walking Lisa to her front door and sharing a special moment. Something is up with these two! Guess we’ll have to wait and find out exactly what it is.