Independence Day

Dallas is dreading the grand opening of her crystal shop, A Crystal Cup of Crystals. She’s never done anything on her own as big as this. Luckily she has a strong support system: Joy Behar. Dallas commissioned a crystal statue of Joy Behar that she talks to when she’s in need of a friend. The opening goes well except for running into her catty sorority sister who tells Dallas that she slept with her now ex-husband. Good thing Dallas has Joy Behar to look up to because she walks away from the situation with her head held high. Wait, this is Dalia’s mom, right? They sure handle drama very differently. Maybe there’s hope for Dalia yet, but we won’t hold our breath.

In other news, Tessa is upset because George won’t buy her a car and she has access to the Prius only on the weekends. He tells her that if she wants her own set of wheels she’s going to have to pay for it herself. Tessa begs Dallas for a job at A Crystal Cup of Crystals where Dallas gives her a signing bonus, an advance and extra money for a manicure. Dallas is being awful generous‚Ķ or maybe naive is a better word. We’re not really sure. Anyway, before Tessa even starts the job, she already has enough money to buy her new ride: A scooter. Something tell us that’s not exactly what George meant when he suggested Tessa get her own set of wheels.

Meanwhile, George is concerned that something is wrong with Tessa because she’s been acting distant. He stumbles upon a poem Tessa wrote about growing up without a mother, which he assumes must be the only explanation for her strange behavior. George thinks it’s finally catching up to Tessa that she doesn’t have a mother figure in her life. He visits Tessa’s grandmother hoping to track down the whereabouts of Tessa’s mother. Unfortunately, grandma refuses to share this information. She tells George that he should learn to live with his decision of requesting sole custody for Tessa and forget about ever seeing Tessa’s mother.

When George confronts Tessa about the poem, she argues that she only wrote it to get a good grade. She claims that she never even thinks about her mother and she seems genuine. George is satisfied with her answer and they all move on — except for Tessa’s grandma. At the end of the night, Tessa’s grandmother reconsiders George’s proposal. Something tells us Tessa will get to meet her mom after all. More importantly, we might get to meet Tessa’a mom, too.