Entering Eden

George meets a lovely lady named Eden (guest star Alicia Silverstone) who offers him an apple at the Farmers’ Market. They make their way over to a beverage table that only serves naturally-made drinks. Normally George wouldn’t let such a healthy libation touch his lips, but he’s trying to impress this woman. He slurps down the smoothie only to learn that he’s allergic to one of the ingredients. Somebody call an ambulance!

Eden accompanies George to the hospital where they continue to flirt relentlessly. They even share a kiss in the hallway after agreeing to a second date. Noah trumps George’s good news about Eden by announcing that he and Jill are going to have a baby. A double date is planned to celebrate all this good fortune. George learns that Jill isn’t actually pregnant. She and Noah will be using a surrogate. Any guesses as to who that surrogate might be?

George is extremely uncomfortable once he learns Eden is the lady who will be carrying the baby for his friends. Noah isn’t thrilled about it either. Eden reluctantly parts ways with a guy she really likes. AJ talks some sense into George, who tells Noah that he wants his blessing to date his surrogate. Now he just needs to make amends with Eden.

Dalia and Tessa get into a little tiff over sweeping. Dallas rushes to her employee’s defense. A short time later, Yakult goes missing. Surveillance footage shows Dalia literally sweeping Yakult out the door. Yes, payback is a fluffy female dog. Yakult is out wandering the streets of Chatswin alone, though not for long. Mr. Wolfe snatches her up and brings her home to Alan. The men decide to name their new pet Hanson.

Tessa suspects something is up when she finds a suspicious fur fiber on Mr. Wolfe’s shirt. She drags Dalia down to his condo complex in East Chatswin where they spot Yakult in her new Hanson-friendly outfit. Mr. Wolfe takes off with the dog. Tessa and Dalia give chase until they catch him trying to do a quick dye-job on the pooch. Yakult is returned to her rightful owners. Her days of living as gay male dog in East Chatswin are over.

After Dalai returns Yakult to her mom, she and Dallas make nice. The reconciliations continue as George meets up with Eden at the Farmers’ Market. He apologizes for how he acted and would like to give their relationship a try. He does, however, reserve the right to be allergic to any health foods that sound gross.