Jane is featured in Paper Mag’s Beautiful People of 2012. You can read the article below! We also added a photo from the gorgeous photoshoot they did with Jane for the mag! She looks absolutely gorgeous!

In a little over a year, Jane Levy has gone from anonymously mailing her picture and résumé to agents, to carrying her own sitcom — ABC’s Suburgatory — and starring in a gigantic remake of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. One key to Levy’s rise: her incredibly gorgeous headshot.

“My manager wanted to work with me before he’d ever heard me open my mouth. He said I had a marketable face,” says Levy, with a shrug. Indeed, Levy has the doe-eyed, cute-but-glamorous, gorgeous-but-approachable, young-but-wise look that Hollywood eats up. But it was her ability to expertly pull off both withering deadpan asides and serious romantic drama that got her working so fast.

She wrapped up a role on Showtime’s Shameless, has a small part in Ry Russo-Young’s Nobody Walks and is the lead in Josh Schwartz’s Fun Size. With that comes lots of attention, which Levy claims her four-year-old self would have lapped up, but her 22-year-old self finds painful. “When ten people and a photographer are talking about you, and you don’t know what they want from you… I don’t know, it gives me all kinds of bad feelings. Who cares about my face?” Levy fights back in her own way, attempting to upend the obsessive vanity that distracts from actual performance. “I try to change my hair for each part,” she says. A few weeks before The Evil Dead starts filming, Levy is campaigning for a mousy brown, which Suburgatory heads were against. “They want me to keep it the same. But I’ll win.”

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