Jane Levy can be seen in theaters this weekend in the horror film Don’t Breathe, but first you can check out her JJ Portrait Session and interview! The 26-year-old actress is re-teaming with her Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez for the new flick, which has been receiving some stellar reviews and currently holds a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Other projects that you might recognize Jane from include her ABC comedy series Suburgatory and the movie Fun Size. She will soon be seen in Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival series.

Just because Jane is becoming a horror movie vet doesn’t mean she is safe from scares in real life, especially when she has to sleep at home alone. “I’m always convinced someone is lurking in my bushes. And when I’m afraid in real life I become paralyzed… and breathless,” she said.

Jane Levy Interview – JustJared.com Exclusive:

Just Jared: What drew you to do Don’t Breathe?

Jane Levy: I was proud of the work that Fede and I did together on Evil Dead and I wanted to see what else we could do!

JJ: What was the most memorable scene to film?

JL: So many to choose from. Probably the most fun scene for me to shoot was when I’m falling headfirst down the air shaft. I was strung up by my feet and held a black magic camera in my hands pointed at my face and they would drop me about 7 feet. I only wish it were a larger drop! But I guess they couldn’t afford to risk dropping their actress on her noggin.

JJ: What was your favorite prop from set?

JL: My favorite prop was probably the lady bug! I know that’s not a prop but I found it funny that they had a man who’s main job was to be in charge of the insect. He basically just had a jar with a drop of honey and a few insects that he probably found in a garden but he did have an official title: “LADYBUG WRANGLER.” One day we needed our beloved lady bug desperately and couldn’t get a hold of our wrangler so the DP offered 100 euro to whoever could find one. No one could! So… Alas, the ladybug at the end of the movie is CGI.

JJ: Tell us something about your co-stars Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto that we don’t know.

JL: You may know this but Dylan is a very talented musician. We also share a birthday (7 years apart)! Danny is from Costa Rica. I found this so surprising because his English accent is PERFECT. Also, Danny at is core is a real sweetheart.

JJ: Any fun stories from on or off set with the cast?

JL: Once that cast and director were hanging out and Siri accidentally (poorly) transcribed our conversation. It was total gibberish. We asked Dylan to recite it and he couldn’t get through two words without cry laughing.

JJ: When was the last time you super scared and didn’t breathe?

JL: When I sleep home alone I’m always convinced someone is lurking in my bushes. And when I’m afraid in real life I become paralyzed… and breathless.

JJ: What can you tell us about Twin Peaks? Anything about your character?

JL: I unfortunately cannot share a thing!

JJ: Did you watch the original Twin Peaks? Did your parents?

JL: My dad actually got me the box set for Twin Peaks for Christmas in 2012. We watched it together. It’s my favorite TV show/film of all time. I wish Agent Dale Cooper were my husband. Or uncle. I don’t care.. It’s not sexual but it’s the deepest kind of love. I sound creepy but nothing I’ve ever watched has affected me so much. It was my ultimate dream to be a part of that world!

JJ: Where can we dig up footage of you performing with school’s hip hop dance team?

JL: Hehe, no thanks!

JJ: Are you currently single? How has the dating landscape been for you, if so?

JL: I’m not single. I haven’t been for many many years. Have no idea what it means “to date.”

JJ: You and Mae Whitman are besties for days. What makes Mae uniquely Mae?

JL: Mae is passionately and genuinely interested in all people. You can bring Mae into ANY situation with ANY type of person and she’ll leave everyone’s best friend. It’s not ego or showmanship that she’s often the center of attention- it’s because she’s extremely open and like I said, genuinely, loving. She once said she could probably fall in love with anyone. It was meant as a joke but it was also earnest. Her ability to fit in anywhere is directly related to why I think she’s such a brilliant actress and comedian. I feel soooo lucky that I have her in my life.

JJ: Your birthday falls between Christmas and New Year’s. Do you get gypped every year with birthday celebrations because everyone’s on vacation and/or you get lumped into another holiday?

JL: Eh, I guess you could say “gypped”… But also my life is pretty charmed.

JJ: What was life like growing up in Northern California?

JL: My heart belongs to northern California. My heart belongs to the Pacific Northwest. I am immediately calmed by the landscape. Growing up in Marin County was pretty idyllic. I’m a mountain girl, I prefer them to the beach.

JJ: When did you and your family make the trek to LA? How did you first get into acting?

JL: I came to LA on my own when I was 20 after a year and a half of theater school in New York. I drove down to Los Angeles with my life packed in a Volvo not knowing where I was going to live- not even know where I was going to sleep that night! True story. I arrived in Los Angeles and ate dinner at Mel’s diner in Hollywood and found a dorm room for rent on Craigslist on my iPhone. I threw up in the bathroom because I was so nervous. I lived my first two months in LA in sublet on fraternity row in Westwood.

JJ: What was the first production you were in?

JL: I booked a recurring role on the first season of Shameless a couple weeks after I arrived in LA. It was my first time stepping on a set… Seeing a film camera… Everything. It was a sweet first gig.

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