We’re back + New About Alex Production Stills!

We’re finally back! We had to change hosts so now we are proudly hosted by The Fansites Network, thenks to the wonderful Gertie! Sadly we were unable to copy all the files from the old server so we basically have to re-upload all the Suburgatory episode screencaptures and the Fun Size movie screencaptures. The thing is we lost them cause they were on an external hard drive and now we have to re-do them but don’t worry we will! We’ll have a new layout soon and be sure to check out the wonderful new high quality stills we added from Jane’s movie “About Alex“. Enjoy!

Movies > About Alex (2014) > Production Stills

New Shoot & Scans: W Magazine

We added 1 high quality photo from a beautiful photoshoot Jane did for the November 2014 Issue of W Magazine and we also added the high quality scan to the Gallery! She looks really gorgeous, we adore this shoot! :) Enjoy!

Photoshoots > Pictorials > 2014 C Servel
Magazine Scans > 2014 > NOVEMBER 2014 – W Magazine

Huge Gallery Update!

We finally added all the missing photos from appearances, candids, photoshoots and movie productions that were released. Jane looks astonishing in every single pic so you better check them out!

Appearances > 2014
Candids > 2014
Photoshoots > Pictorials
Movies > > About Alex
Photoshoots > Bang Bang Baby

Updates coming soon!

Sorry guys for the lack of updates but we’ve been really busy, we’re still super busy but we’re trying our best to collect and add everything that’s missing so check back soon! Thank you so much!